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Indian Puppet

Indian Puppet
Item Overview:

 Handmade item crafted by tribal artisans.
 Material: Cotton and wooden frame.
 Size: 15 inches
 Attractive color mix of green and silver.
 Ships from New Delhi, India to all global locations.
Product CODE : PP001
Material:Cotton, Wooden
Availability :

Availability: In stock

Editor's Note & Details :
Item Description:

Kathputli is an Indian language word which is a conflation of two Rajasthani dialect words “Kath” which stands for wood and “Putli” denoting a doll or a statue which is devoid of life. Literally speaking, Kathputli means a puppet which is entirely made of wood, but in reality the material used in its creation includes cotton cloth and wood.

Famous history scholars have claimed that kathputli art has been a part and parcel of Indian civilization since time immemorial. The discovery and excavation of ancient civilizations of Harappa and Mohenjodaro yielded a rich treasure trove of archaeological relics including a figure of bull made of terracotta and with a torso which could be detached from its head, thus leading to the creation of perhaps the first proto-puppet of its kind.

In all parts of Rajasthan, tribal artisans have been making these wondrously colorful kathputli items and expert theatre performers have raised this ancient art to such levels that it has become an integral and symbolic part of Rajasthani heritage and culture since last 1500 years.

This particular kathputli art-work is a couple engaged in an exotic dance posture with costumes reflecting the richness and opulence of Indian culture and tribal artisanship. An ideal gift for a special friend or family, this artefact can also grace the walls of your well-groomed living room.

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